Opel Kadett GT/E

This project is already in progress and waiting for a new owner. We have prepared Opel Kadett C 1978 chassis, that can now be build on your required specifications. Bellow is our recomended specifiations on the stated price.

Car comes fully finished, including:

-  2.2l CIH fully restored engine with WEBER 45 DCOE carburettor injection system.

-Fully rebuild suspension and transmission.
- Bilstein shock and motorsport bushings.
- Full body restoration-Sandblasting and welding.
- FIA homologated roll-cage.
-Opel GT/E Irmscher fiberglass Body kit.
- New paint work. Any colour on buyer’s choice.
- Street legal, with sport rally car passport.
- FIA homologated SPARCO Sprint racing seat and Schroth harness.
- Set of ATS 8×13 brand new wheels.
-Original CIH 5-speed gearbox with new clutch lubricant etc.

Delivery Worldwide!
Price= 17000Eur

*NOTE  - This is only a basic offer, to show how we image the Opel Kadett GT/E replica should look for this price offer.
Although, we are open for any offers, we can build a car on buyer requirement and needs. Car technical parts and specifications can be change on buyer choice.


Payment terms and conditions

Buyer will make a payment of 17000Eurus in 3 installments, until the total of the payment requires has been delivered. The payment plan will take the following form:

• First payment will be given then project contract signed. The amount of the First payment is 35% of the total price, which 5950Eur;
• Second payment will be made,in the middle of the project, one week in advance before car painting. Second payment is 35% of the total price, which 5950Eur;
• Third and final payment will be give the car is delivered to the buyer. Third payment is 30% of the total price, which 5100Eur;