Audi Sport Quattro body shell with body kit

This is a project offer for those who want to have Audi SQ replica with complete body shell and body kit only.
We can manufacture body shell for you and you can complete the project with your own hands! All work done, by master welder with over 20 years of experience in classic car fabrication. Excellent quality with all right dimensions to original SQ.
Audi Sport Quattro rolling chassis body will be manufacturing in the following steps. This should give you a clear view how we will proceed with a project and what will be done on body manufacturing.

Car comes with:
-Number plates and  registration documents

-Full Sport Quattro Body kit. (Fiberglass or Carbon/Kevlar):

  • Front fenders L&R
  • Rear fenders L&R
  • Door steps
  • Bonnet – for original mounting
  • Bumper front
  • Bumper rear
  • Front grill
  • Rear Spoiler

Also with a car you will get parts from the donor car:
*All the parts are same as we got it from the donor car NO RESTORATION

  • Fuel tank
  • Doors (steel)
  • Heater
  • Steering column
  • Brake cylinder
  • Wiring
  • Suspension
  • Wheels and tire
  • Other small bits
  •  Boot lid(steel);
  • Original (used) Audi Quattro transmission, suspension, brakes and wheels from donor car.
    Note: no engine, gearbox, interior!

Donor Cars.  We will resource all donor cars.

Disassemble.  Donor cars will be disassembled to bear metal. Body will be sand blasted after disassemble and prepared for welding.

Shortening Audi coupe chassis. We will reduce chassis wheelbaseby 320mm to match original short wheelbase.

Change of the front window and doors. To complete this modifications we will use Audi 80 2door sedan car parts from the donor car in order to match original Audi Sport dimensions.

Welding. After sandblasting and cutting rust damaged parts, welding will be proceeded. Inside and outside extra body strengthening will be done. S1Performance, guarantee for the height quality welding

Primer painting. Panting with proper base primer for maximum durability and maximum rust resistance.

Price Options:
 With fiberglass body kit
 With Kevlar/Carbon body kit

+3000Eur – Finall painting in any colour

Delivery Worldwide!

Payment terms and conditions
Buyer will make a payment of 100% in 3 installments, until the total of the payment required, has been delivered. The payment plan will take the following form:
• First payment will be given then project order contract signed. The amount of the First payment is 35% of the total price;
• Second payment will be made, then the body shell will be manufactured. Second payment is 35% of the total price;
• Third and final payment will be give then car is delivered to the buyer. Third payment is 30% of the total price.

*If costumer requires further modifications can be made.

FIA approved safety Roll cage;
Audi 2, 2 Turbo Engine 450-500hp. ;
Group B dashboard;
6x Hella Fog lights;
Interior-for Rally or street use
+Anythinh you want!