Audi UR-Quattro

To build Audi A2 Rally car we will use Audi coupe Quattro as a donor car for this project. We already have a car that is standing in our workshop and waiting for a new costumer. Body shell is in a very good condition almost no rust. Parts like bumpers, hood, fenders and trunk will be replaced with A2 rally car body kit

Car comes fully finished, ready for rally race, including:

- FIA approved safety Roll cage;
- Audi 2, 1cc. 10 valve turbo engine ;
- Audi Quattro 5 speed gearbox;
- Adjustable rally suspension;
- Homologated seats and seatbelts;
- Original A2 Group B paint work;
- FIA rally car sport passport;
- Full A2 fiberglass body kit. (Kevlar available)

* Full specification with parts list available for asking.

Construction time for a finished vehicle is approximately 3 months.

Delivery Worldwide!

*Including donoro car!

If costumer requires further modifications can be made

Engine 2.2cc. 20 valve Turbo, from 400 to 800HP
6x Hella Fog lights
Original Group B dashboard
Rally wheels and gravel tires
Dry sump with cooler in the back;

*If required car can come in any stage of manufacture. You can even buy only body shell with a body kit

Payment terms and conditions

Buyer will make a payment in 4 installments, until the total of the payment required, has been delivered. The payment plan will take the following form:
• First payment will be given then project order contract signed. The amount of the First payment is 25% of the total price.
• Second payment will be made, then the body shell will be manufactured and roll cage installed. Second payment is 25% of the total price.
• Third payment will be given then the body kit is mounted, one week in advance before painting.Third payment is 25% of the total price.
• Fourth and final payment will be give the car is delivered to the buyer. Fourth payment is 25% of the total price.